January Sales Exist In The Mortgage Market

The January Sales used to be a very common feature in the retail world. Given the excitement around Christmas, and many customers not having much money to spend in New Year, it is easy to see why sales drop off in January. Therefore, businesses would often cut prices in January to ensure they welcomed potential buyers, and to increase the chances of making a sale.

Nowadays, the sales process starts early on Boxing Day, and even before Christmas Day if you are shopping online. As soon as the last postal delivery for Christmas is passed, many retailers slash prices in an attempt to continue selling as best as they can.

While retailers start sales as soon as they can, it appears as though January Sales are still alive and kicking in the mortgage market. In 2019, a number of lenders reduced the cost of their mortgage deals, and 2020 looks to be following in the same regard.

Anyone looking to arrange a mortgage in the first few months of the year would be advised to be active quickly, as they may find an attractive offer or two. The same can be said for people looking to remortgage before too long. The opportunity to guarantee a preferential rate is welcoming for many people, so this could be a perfect way to alleviate some of the financial stress or pressure people experience these days.

Of course, when you shop in a sale, you may be blinded by the reductions. Any people think they have snapped up a bargain in a store only to find they have overpaid when they have the product at home. There is also the fact many people find themselves not liking an item or product as much as they thought they did now they are in the comfort of their own home.

This can also happen with mortgages, but the consequences are more severe. If a buyer doesn’t like a jumper or a dress they have bought in a sale, they have some options. They may be able to return it, they could re-gift the item to someone else, or they could grin and bear the loss. Sometimes a loss of this nature acts as a suitable reminder of why you should consider your options carefully before buying.

However, when it comes to arranging a mortgage, if you make a mistake, it could be extremely costly and dangerous. Don’t forget that some mortgages look very enticing up front, but once the full cost of the mortgage has been revealed, it may not be as appealing as it initially looked. In this regard, the consequences of taking out the wrong mortgage may be extremely damaging.

There are bargains and great offers to enjoy in January, and many lenders are keen to entice buyers at this time of year. On the back of the 2019 General Election, there is a belief buyers are returning to the market. In figures provided by e.surv, there were 66,253 residential mortgages approved in December. This represented an increase of 1.9% on November’s figures and a rise of 2.7% on the December 2018 figures.

Richard Sexton, director at e.surv, said: “There have been ups and downs over the course of the year but 2019 ended on a positive note for the UK mortgage market. December’s decisive election result does seem to have put an end to the atmosphere of uncertainty which has dominated the property market this year. With more certainty on the future, it appears that many new buyers and existing homeowners have chosen to enter the market, leading to a spike in approvals in December.”

Therefore, there is cause for optimism in the market, however, it is vital potential buyers review their options before committing to a mortgage.

If you’d like to get in touch with us to discuss all your possible options, we’re always here to help. With mortgage brokers in Woking and Camberley, you are never too far from mortgage advice.

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