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  • Remortgaging For Residential Properties

    Remortgaging For Residential Properties If you own property, there is a very strong chance you are familiar with mortgages, and you likely have one on your house. You may not be as familiar with the term remortgaging, but remortgaging is a sensible, and often smart, option for homeowners.
    What is remortgaging?
    Remortgaging is the process of taking out a new mortgage on a property which you already own.
    Why should I remortgage?
    There are many reasons why a homeowner should consider remortgaging for residential properties, including:
    You would like to obtain a better rate of interest to lower your monthly mortgage bills, allowing you to save money
    You currently hold a fixed-term mortgage ....

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  • Remortgaging For Landlords

    Remortgaging For Landlords While there are critical differences between a standard mortgage, and a buy to let mortgage, there are many similarities between the different mortgage types. It should, therefore, come as no surprise to learn landlords can remortgage their property, much in the same way as a homeowner can remortgage their property. With strong demand for rental property in Woking, it is no surprise many Woking landlords are reviewing their options. Woking landlords looking for remortgaging advice should consider the following issues.
    The reason behind your decision to remortgage may impact on the deal you’re offered
    There are many factors considered by a mortgage lender ....

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  • What are the advantages of using a mortgage broker over a bank?

    What are the advantages of using a mortgage broker over a bank? Buying a home is the biggest purchase you will likely make in your life. Therefore, arranging a mortgage is critical, and one of the most significant decisions you will make. There is a lot of advice to consider when arranging a mortgage, and finding the most suitable expert to trust is essential. If you are currently weighing up the pros and cons of using a mortgage broker rather than a bank, you’ll be interested to know there are many reasons to do so.
    Should I use a mortgage broker rather than a bank to secure a mortgage?
    If you currently think using a bank to arrange a mortgage better serves your needs, you may have ....

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